apqp2“Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP) is a framework of procedures and techniques used to develop products in industry”.  Many companies use this process to ensure customer satisfaction is being met with new products or with existing product revisions.  This process is a great tool for companies to use to make sure communication is happening within the company.  Everyone that is involved in the new project is notified by the use of the APQP process.  When managed correctly, the APQP tool can eliminate any costly mishaps that could happen due to lack of communication.

There are many benefits when applying the APQP process within an organization.  Keeping the customer happy is the main focus and when practicing this technique, it greatly reduces the risks of missing a process and keeping on-time quality product in its sight.  Understanding the customer’s needs and relaying that information to the entire organization at the very beginning of a project will spark discussions early on in the developing process and weed out any possible issues.

SCI utilizes the APQP process on all new projects and existing project revisions.  The APQP process starts with a Project Coordinator (PC) who plans and defines the expectations of the customer’s project.  The PC ensures all important information is communicated within the company to all those who are involved in the implementation scheme and any changes that happen with the project are being relayed to the appropriate personnel within the company.  The APQP process helps improve quality within our company to keep quality related dissatisfactions and costs at bay.

Check out this link: http://quality-one.com/apqp/ to further explain the APQP process and the benefits of implementing it within your company.

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