Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities

Stern Companies is excited to participate in the CEO (Creating Entrepreneurial Opportunities) program in the surrounding area.  This program is an opportunity for kids to learn from local business people, manufacturers and educators the skills and expertise needed to embark on an entrepreneurial path.  The CEO program asks local businesses to donate to the program.  Investors come in with $1,000 and are asked for a three year commitment.  Investors are asked to be mentors and speak to the kids and visit the classrooms.

IMG_2704Stern Companies President, Jerry Sinner, and CEO, Shawn Hunstad, got the chance last week to meet with Megan Han, one of the participants in the program.  Megan is working on creating a Christian teen magazine through the program.  Megan also got the opportunity to meet with Courtney Sinner during the meeting last week at Stern.  Courtney’s position at the Star Tribune was particularly beneficial to Megan’s career objectives.  The advice/suggestions that Megan took from the meeting was valuable information that will hopefully bring success her way.

Stern Companies is proud to be able to help the local youth in the area.  Getting students engaged on a career path and learning about life skills is a rewarding program to be a part of.

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