The Exercise Equipment Market

As people have become more aware of the benefits of exercise, the fitness equipment industry has gone from steady to booming. When it comes to fitness equipment, no other place on Earth spends more money than the market in North America. With governments bringing attention to the importance of exercise and so many studies being conducted on ways to live longer, it’s no surprise the fitness craze has taken on a life of its own.

There are several major companies which sell fitness equipment in both the consumer and institutional markets. Although gyms have sprouted up in numerous locations throughout cities and towns, people are starting to realize that by the time they pay for costly gym memberships they can own their own sturdy, reliable equipment at home. One of the most popular sellers is the treadmill. While these machines can be lined up at a gym, people sometimes have to wait their turn, so what better purchase is there than a treadmill (or stair climber, or stationary bike) you can get on at home whenever you like?

We work with some of the leading fitness manufacturers to supply the polymer components that you see fitted on the equipment. Our many capabilities allow us to offer our customers exactly what they need. We work closely with engineers to provide the best molding solution to fit their requirements, ensuring that the best materials are being used to exhibit a safe, smooth and running machine for the end user. With the combined expertise, skills and technology needed to ensure a state of the art machine for facilities and individuals, we’re the perfect manufacturer of the specific components you need.

The past few years have seen the fitness industry bring in over 2 billion dollars a year, with an expected growth of 0.3%. As is expected, due to numerous New Year’s resolutions being made across the U.S., the industry has record sales between Christmas and the end of January. The end of the year tends to be a time when people reflect and decide to do better the next year in many areas. Since fitness is at the top of many people’s lists, it’s no wonder equipment sales tend to peak during this time of year.

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