Great things are happening in the world of Stern!

ve moved press release re-write blog 1-2013Stern Companies are making improvements in order to be able to handle bigger parts and have an even more efficient workflow. Our assembly shop is now at our Baxter facility.  Our Rotomolding shop has moved  to a 50,000 square foot facility in Brainerd, MN, and we’ve added a brand new Ferry 370 to our list of machinery!

The move started in September, and the last machine was just fired up on Nov. 12. The new building (that was formerly used by Image Rotomolding), is very attractive because it was built for rotomolding – so the infrastructure and ceiling height has made it the perfect location for us to do business in. Previously, we were located in an older, larger 90,000 square foot facility in Riverton.

The new building is connected to a natural gas line — which was a key challenge in Riverton where we used propane for the larger machines. Also, in Riverton, we had a lot more supporting beams to work around, and now we have a nice open space to work with.

With the addition of our fifth machine — the Ferry 370, we’re now capable of producing 12 foot parts. The older building would not have been able to accommodate its installation. We also have a REI 120 machine, a Ferry 280, and two Ferry clamshell machines — a two-arm shuttle, and an independent four-arm carousel.

As a company, we’re running leaner and using less material more often to adapt to the new space. We’re also seeing great improvements in our product flow and efficiency.

Stern Companies is growing, and we can’t wait to share the new changes with you. Please be sure to continue visiting our blog and website each and every month for updates and more details!

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