Growing More than Just Crops – Developing an Interest in Agricultural Careers

John Deere Farm Equipment

Updated Farm Equipment Attracts Next Generation of Workers

As you take a bite out of your next meal, will you be thinking about where that food came from? Whether you’re snacking on an apple or enjoying a slice of apple pie – the main ingredient is likely coming from a U.S.-based farm. This is true of many foods you’ll eat today, which is why it’s so important to remember that American farms our lifeblood – and we need farmers to run them.

But the current perceptions of agriculture among youth may be holding the industry back. They see it as a tough, dirty job, and little else. Admittedly, it is tough, and inherently there’s a lot of “dirt” to deal with. But new technologies and techniques are already revolutionizing agriculture.

The incorporation of robotics and electronics, mobile applications and suites of computer tools, are all important, particularly for major farms. New developments are helping to change the way fields are farmed and how crops are developed.

One company that is making great strides in getting more young people interested in agriculture is John Deere. They have used the John Deere Inspire initiative to urge the youth to get involved in agriculture. To John Deere’s benefit, it gets all of the kids familiarized with the John Deere brand at a young age. To the benefit of the world, it inspires the next generation of innovators.

The program uses connections and hands-on experiences, along with lessons in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) to show students the possibilities for their future. Deere knows that STEM learning is useful, no matter a student’s career path. Deere also works with Project Lead The Way to provide STEM education curricular programs across thousands of schools in the United States.

We can change the future of agriculture, and more importantly secure it, by getting the next generation of farmers and engineers involved in the process. We look forward to seeing what new advances they’ll come up with.

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