How to Improve Your Lean Strategy, as Featured in RotoWorld Magazine

Assemblies Being Warehoused Onsite

Assemblies Ready for Shipment on Custom Racking

Meeting customer expectations and satisfaction is an all-important focus here at Stern Companies, a quality driven global sourcing and manufacturing specialist for polymer products and assemblies. We choose to act in ways that add value for clients, whether that involves adding assembly components to parts or holding certain inventory when customers have short lead times. Our willingness to adapt to customer needs is a part of Stern Companies’ lean initiatives.

This commitment was recently recognized in a feature in RotoWorld Magazine, an international publication read by countless professionals in rotational molding and plastics design.

The article discussed the many benefits of lean strategies and initiatives, including having extra storage space to hold customer inventory when needed. In this way, we are also helping our customers embrace the lean mindset by giving them a helpful alternative to storing excess inventory onsite.

Customer satisfaction levels are consistently high at Stern because we actively monitor the quality of what we produce and do so efficiently with in line processing. As well, we streamline processing so that we can often mold, trim, assemble, and warehouse parts in one day. This strategy allows us to fix issues quickly and keeps cost impact low because of the efficient process.

Quality is taken very seriously at Stern. We look to build long-term relationships with customers, and Stern Companies CEO Shawn Hunstad makes that a focus of his position. Stern Companies also recently promoted Jerry Sinner to President, where he will continue leading Stern’s efforts to be the top-value supplier for our customers.

At Stern, we want to help customers grow by working closely alongside them to accommodate their needs. The recent attention we’ve received from RotoWorld is a good indication that we’re headed in the right direction.

Learn how Stern Industries can help in achieving your lean strategy goals.

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