How to Prep Your Recreational Vehicles for Summer Travel

Recreational Vehicle Maintenance

ATV Maintenance for Spring and Summer

There are thousands of people in the US who look forward to taking their Recreational Vehicles out of storage at the first hint of spring. From off-roading with ATVs, to hitting the road on a motorcycle, to catching a sea breeze on a jet ski, the weather is finally giving people the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors.

However, just like any other automobile, recreational vehicles require regular maintenance to keep them running. In addition to the recreational vehicle winterization tips we shared last year, we have some advice for maintenance in spring and summer. If adequate precautions aren’t taken each season, repairs and damages amounting to thousands of dollars may be necessary.

Tips for Maintaining Your RV in Warm Months:

  • First things first – RV batteries that were disconnected in winter should now be reconnected.
  • Replacing the air, the hydraulic filters and the coolant of a recreational vehicle is an essential part of the maintenance regime before beginning long summer drives. This should prevent issues such as overheating.
  • Inspect the exterior for any damage that may have occurred while in storage. This is especially important if the vehicle was stored with corrosive materials, including snow melt or salt.
  • A good wash and a bright wax will not only make the RV look like new, it will also prevent corrosion later on. If the vehicle was exposed to any road salt during the winter, this should be washed away to prevent rust. And a new coat of wax will prevent other substances from doing damage to the exterior.
  • Inspect the brakes and address any issues as soon as you notice them. Brake systems can be costly to fix, but if left undetected can put the lives of all passengers in danger.

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