Ice Prevention Industry

Stern Industries Ice PreventionWith the recent severe snow storms we’ve been having this winter, it’s more important than ever to take safety precautions when commuting. It’s no secret that icy roads can be very dangerous, as it leaves no traction for tires. Cars can easily skid, which can ultimately lead to accidents. Ice prevention is highly important in order to keep people safe and prevent any severe injuries or damage.

We offer our in-house rotational molding services for the ice prevention industry to build their tanks.  We’ve produced plastic parts for one of our clients who specializes in products designed for fighting snow and ice, including anti-icing, de-icing and pre-wet liquid applications to a granular material.

The finished tank dimensions vary, ranging from 75 gallon tanks to 165 gallon tanks.  Other features of the product include molded gallon markers, corrugated sides and molded threaded vent risers. We manufacture approximately 75-100 of these tanks every year.

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