Is Rotational Molding Right for You?

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What is rotational molding? When is rotational molding the right engineering process for your needs? Luckily for you, Stern Industries specializes in rotational molding, and we have all of the answers for your molding questions. Rotational molding is a process in which plastic and plastisol materials and powders are put into a heated rotating mold so that the molten plastic melts and coats the inside of a mold cavity. This process produces large, hollow parts, which are then used for a variety of applications. We typically recommend that this method is used for those who are undertaking low to medium sized volume productions, depending on the size of your product (so think around several hundred parts through 4,000 parts). Why is this method more useful for smaller sized productions? That’s due to the speed of the molding—this is a fairly slow process, where we see that one round can take up to 90 minutes. Additionally, when compared to blow molding, tooling in rotational molding tends to be much less expensive.

Our rotational molding department certainly knows how to keep busy. Although the majority of the work we handle in this department consists of component parts for larger OEM products (in agricultural, recreational, and marine applications, among others), we do have the ability to mold full products (along with assembly!)—we are especially proud of the 9 ft. rotationally molded kayaks we have engineered! Rotational molding is particularly beneficial for industries with the need for larger plastic parts, just not in large quantities.

Have you decided if rotational molding is the right process for your needs? See how we can help!

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