Just-in-Time Shipping: Efficiency at its Best

asembly_services_ser_005_hoverAs you’re probably well aware, American manufacturing is making a major comeback.  It’s all over the headlines: nearshoring, reshoring, major companies’ return to U.S. soil, and consumers’ renewed interest in Made in the USA products.  In every industry, people are seeing the value behind American manufacturing, the quality that is, in many cases, unmatched.

There are a number of reasons and results, and one is that American manufacturers have found ways of operating more efficiently, allowing them to provide the quality their customers need with the competitiveness they demand. An example of this efficiency, being recognized as a top priority and a true value, is just-in-time shipping.  It allows manufacturers to reduce inventory costs and maximize space, creating an efficient, less wasteful supply chain.  Customers still get what they want when they want it, and the money saved by the manufacturer gets directly passed on to the customer.

We employ this model at Stern Industries, which keeps our costs down and our customers supplied on an as-needed basis.  We receive a forecast from our clients, and it is something we rely on; our rotomolding is a long process, often allowing us to make only six products in a day.  With the customer’s forecast, we produce products per needs, which allows for highly reduced inventory while getting products out quickly, always on time.

We not only know exactly what our clients need based on their forecasts, but our system allows us to know when tools will change, again keeping inventory down.  At our large facilities, we can bring a high quantity of products in for one project, then we notify other customers of the parts in stock, further minimizing inventory and maximizing space and efficiency.

This is just one of the ways we—and many other manufacturers—are keeping the country’s manufacturing strong and capable.  It’s an example of what makes this country’s manufacturing second to none.

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