Making the Right Choices in Your NCAA Picks, and in Business

Making the Right ChoiceAnd then there were four…As a follow-up to our previous blog: Are You Picking a Championship Team, with the 2015 NCAA Basketball Tournament winding down, probably more than 90% of you are not too thrilled with the picks you made to take you to the end.  Some of us at Stern are among that group, but we do at least have some bragging rights over a few of the participants that were in our ESPN group!  And to those of you who have all four of your teams going strong…Congrats – Nice picking!

Every day we have choices.  Whether it’s personal or professional we have choices that we need to make.  You always hope and trust your choices are the correct ones, but sometimes you learn the hard way.  No matter what, you move on and hopefully learn valuable lessons from any poor choices you may have made.

Today we want to discuss why choosing Stern Companies to be your single source for polymer components is the right choice.  The benefit of working with Stern Companies is that we can help you with some of the difficult choices polymer engineers and buyers face when trying to select the right manufacturer to produce their polymer part.  At Stern, we have years of experience in the plastic and rubber industries.  We offer an innovative approach to part procurement.  The concept is simple: show us your part, share with us all of your requirements and let us source it for you.  We have established relationships with high quality manufacturers, both domestic and offshore, that will meet your quality requirements while adhering to your supply chain mandates.

We know and understand the many different options and processes that are available in manufacturing polymer components.  We are able to look at a part and determine what process would be right for the project.  Our strategic sourcing division has capabilities both domestic and offshore in rotational molding, injection molding, blow molding, rubber molding, thermoforming, extrusion and die-cutting.   We also provide assembly services in-house, making it even easier on you by providing you with a complete, finished product.

Let’s have our teams work together!  You can trust that you are making the right choice with Stern Companies!

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