Manufacturing in the Heat of Summer

Mfg. in the HeatAs the temperatures reach the high digits of summer, manufacturing in non-air conditioned facilities brings a few challenges for its employees.  In the summer heat, adding a few precautions is key in keeping the employees safety top priority.  Hydration and more frequent breaks are vital in keeping production running smoothly.  Here are a few summer safety tips to consider when the temps get a bit on the high side.

  • Make sure your employees are staying well hydrated. Offer hydration stations at different locations throughout the manufacturing building so it’s easily accessible for employees to consume.
  • Talk to your employees about avoiding coffee, tea and caffeinated soft drinks, which cause dehydration.
  • Let employees take more breaks. Making sure they do not reach the exhaustion stage is key and will help keep production moving throughout the hours of the day.
  • Tell employees to dress appropriately in lightweight, light-colored, easy to breathe clothing.
  • Provide fans at work stations keeping the airflow moving.
  • Make sure all employees are watching out for each other and on the lookout for any signs of heat related symptoms.

Check out this OSHA video offering additional tips to prevent heat illness.

Stay safe this summer and take the necessary precautions when the temps rise.

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