New Facility Brings Improvements to Stern Industries

Stern Industries has moved in to a new facility, and has plans to add a new machine with additional rotational molding capabilities. The company moved to a 50,000 sq. foot facility located at 1100 Industrial Park Road in Brainerd, MN. The additional space will enable the company to house larger machines, and create an enhanced workflow.

In addition to the move, we’ve won two new assembly projects; the Thermoformed and Blow Molded Fuel Tank. We will assemble the tanks with components including the Fuel Gauge, Grommets, Filters, and Valves, and then ship the finished products directly to our customers.

In order to make production run smoother, the new space will allow us to set-up stations by each machine, so that parts can be completed within close proximity. That way, potential problems will be caught immediately, and communication throughout the facility will be improved.

Our custom rotational molding and assembly practices lend themselves to a variety of products, which carries into our new machinery. The rotationally molded parts we supply can be molded into several complex shapes and configurations in order to meet any our client’s unique needs.

For more information on the new machinery with rotational molding capabilities coming to Stern, please keep an eye out for an upcoming blog, or call us at 218-828-5076.

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