Safety in Rotomolding

Safety in Rotomolding presents some unique challenges. From heat stress to head injuries there are multiple opportunities to go out on “injured reserve” as they say in the big leagues. SCI is looking at ways to prevent injuries through training and engineering solutions as opposed to simply providing the appropriate PPE.

Safety Platform

Platform around RS3000 shuttle machine

New hires are walked through a checklist of safety related items which includes safety training on the band saw. Machine platforms are also constructed to provide maximum safety features. With the purchase of our new Ferry RS3000 shuttle machine, we had the opportunity to design a state of the art platform that completely surrounds the arm and hydraulically retracts when the tools are loaded and the arm is ready to move into the oven. The 2 piece platform, with a full safety rail, completely surrounds the grid on the straight arm.

Safety Platform

Safety Platform completely surrounding grid

There is also a fixed portion on the platform to hold the resin which can be lifted into position with a forklift. Calibrated scale and operator controls complete the setup reducing operator fatigue as much as possible. A gantry hoist surrounds the platform to assist in the demolding process.

SCI is approaching one year without a recordable injury making rotational molding a safer job (not to mention a lot more fun) than having a position on a major league sports team.

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