SCI Family

At the close of 2016, all of us here at SCI would like to send out a huge THANK YOU of appreciation to all our acquaintances we have worked with throughout the year.  We truly appreciate the amazing group of people we get the privilege to work with every single day.  Reflecting on this past year, we are blessed to welcome in new connections that we are excited to grow with and also the familiar relationships that we’ve been with for many admirable years.  We are a family here at SCI, we embrace every contact as a friendship and couldn’t be more fortunate to have an astonishing base of friends.

We are looking forward to wonderful opportunities in the upcoming year.  Our Mission is always the same, to be our customers best value supplier.  In order to accomplish that, we rely on everyone we work with to help us achieve our purpose.  Teamwork is what makes people succeed.

We are looking forward to succeeding with all of you in 2017!  With our appreciation this holiday season…Merry Christmas from the entire team at SCI.

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