Finding a supplier to source your manufactured components is a stressful job.  There are many factors to consider when choosing a manufacturing vendor to produce your product.  With rapidly evolving technologies and practices changing constantly, it’s hard to stay on top and ahead of the game.

Vendor qualification is a timely process that can’t be ignored.  To hone in on the best manufacturing process for your project can be difficult at times.  Qualification process requires knowing capabilities, equipment, quality programs and certifications just to name a few.  Depending on the level of project, the requirements could be much longer.

SCI can help you with your polymer sourcing needs.  We specialize in being a single source of supply for our customers.  We have years of experience in the plastic and rubber industries.  Our capabilities include blow molding, die-cutting, extrusions, plastic injection molding, rubber molding, vacuum thermoforming, rotational molding, and assembling, as well as other processes.  We have partnered with multiple vendors for each manufacturing process and present you with the most competitive quote using each method.

By sending us an RFQ, you are in essence getting multiple quotes, which can and may include two or three different methods of manufacturing.  For example, we can quote a part by rotational molding, blow molding and possibly thermoforming, to give you multiple tooling and per piece price comparisons.

Let SCI take the stress out of your sourcing “pains” and let us do the grunt work for you.  We are dedicated to providing the best service and prices for all our customers.

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