Spring Ahead!

Spring AheadMany of you are thinking of the upcoming spring/summer months and all the things you want to do:  swimming, biking, camping, fishing…  Our summer months get busy and we need to enjoy every minute of the beautiful weather we get.  Before you know it, the cold winter months will be upon us again.

Stern Companies is here to help you get out and enjoy the sunshine just a bit more!  We are a single source provider of all polymer components.  Meaning you can come to us with any type of rubber or plastic part and we will work on sourcing that part or parts for you in one easy process.  We are able to review your project and help determine the best manufacturing process for your part.  Our job is to make sure we recommend the process that makes the most sense based on a number of criteria such as volume, material, environment, etc.  Then, once you are ready to get started, we will work with you on your project from beginning to end.  No hassles or worries.  We will manage it all!  The industries we have helped serve throughout the years have included: Agriculture, Construction, Recreational, Marine, Waterworks and Waste just to name a few.

We can also help you consolidate your current supply base.  This process can help drive improvements in pricing by reducing transaction costs and other reductions such as unnecessary logistics and warehousing expenses.  Businesses also see increased focus on product development, quality and overall service responsiveness.  By consolidating your current vendors, we can save you time and money by not having such a huge vendor list to manage.  We can even work with your current suppliers during the “switch” to make things go seamless as possible.

So go on, hit the lake a bit earlier this season to catch that “big one” and let us handle your next polymer project.  Contact us today!

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