Stern Manufactures Premium Equipment for the Ice Fishing Industry

In 1888, a gentleman named Sven Stevenson took a wild ride in an outhouse down his lakeshore property onto a very frozen Lake Minnewaska after a rush of mud and snow caused a mud slide.  After the outhouse came to rest on the lake, Sven discovered fish swimming around directly below him through the hole in the ice which was caused by the strife of the house during movement.  And the thriving sub-culture of ice house fishing was born. Today ice fishing is not just a hobby, it is a religion. Especially in the area around Minnesota where the lakes do not yield to summer for over 6 months in a year and drilling a hole through the frozen surface is the only way to get at the magical critters swimming beneath the ice!

Ice fishing isn’t just fun and games. It is a test of expertise and skill as well. Fishing in the summer and under the best circumstances is art. One that requires patience and perseverance! Replace the water with thick unyielding ice and the warm summer breeze with the biting cold of winter, and it is evident that the sheer love of angling and the sport of pursuing prey, keep ice fishing enthusiasts going.

The value of good quality equipment is more evident than ever in a bid to overcome the vagaries of nature.


Ice shanties or ice houses allow anglers to take refuge for themselves away from the harsh and brutal elements of the cold Minnesota winter. They provide heat, warmth and a dry place to retire. However, the right way to auger a hole is instrumental to the success of a fishing expedition. And this process relies heavily on slush buckets and other paraphernalia if the shanties are to be kept comfy and dry.

Stern Companies Inc. is a single source supplier of molded rubber and plastic components, and it supplies the angler customers of Grayden Outdoors, LLC. with top notch rotomolded slush buckets and sleeves.

  • Slush buckets manufactured by Stern complement ice augers perfectly. They are placed over the intended spot, and the auger is inserted through the opening provided for the purpose, straight into the ice. As the drill scoops up the ice, the shavings are caught in the slush bucket. It has ample capacity allowing anglers to drill deeper holes without messing the floors of their shanties. They are tested to ensure zero damages against the torque of the rotating auger and are made of durable, crack resistant polyethylene. Rolled edges provide a better grip and ice fishing enthusiasts can carry their buckets outside and dump the debris without slips and mishaps.
  • Ice hole-sleeves add convenience to ice fishing. They fit snugly into drilled holes keeping your fish house warmer and holes ice free. Stern ice hole-sleeves are made of durable, lifetime warranty material and designed to stack one on top of the other.

Ice fishing is not only an exciting sport; it also boasts a community that has immense solidarity. Stern Companies Inc. serves this vibrant group of anglers with exemplary customer support, quality, and robust equipment. For more information, please contact or 888.828.1020.




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