Supply Base Consolidation

Consolidating your supply base can be a very rewarding process.  Businesses can realize a competitive advantage by relying on fewer approved suppliers, therefore, many companies are looking for ways to consolidate.  The consolidation process can help drive improvements in pricing by reducing transaction costs and other reductions such as unnecessary logistics and warehousing expenses.  Businesses see increased focus on product development, quality and overall service responsiveness.  These are just a few benefits when companies start implementing supply base consolidation.

At Stern Companies, we take pride in and promote our ability to successfully consolidate the supply base of our current as well as our new customers.  Rather than managing dozens of vendor relationships, our customers can narrow their supply base and turn that task over to us.  Done correctly, vendor consolidation provides immediate benefits to their organizations.

Purchasing ModelHow does the consolidation process work with SCI?  We work with several vendors in the polymer world representing many different processes.  We start by analyzing the smoothest transition and with our customer’s involvement, consolidate their current part(s) under our management.  If it is determined that the part(s) need to be re-sourced, our longstanding relationships with many ISO certified manufacturers allow us to confidently find a suitable new supplier.  Let us help with your supplier consolidation, as we have for so many others through the years.

Stern is a single source of supply for all polymer components.  When you reduce your supply base, you lay the groundwork for reducing the costs to run it.  Contact us today and let us help you with your supply base consolidation efforts.

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