The Differences between Die Cutting and Water Jet Cutting

blk_seatStern Industries outsources both die cutting and water jet cutting projects. Our custom die cutting and water jet cutting services are supported with secondary processes such as in-house die making, prototypes, laminating, slitting, sheeting, kits, assemblies and hole punching and perforating. We work with any type of polymer material.

Both die cutting and water jet cutting have their own advantages, and depending on what you’re looking for, one may be a better option to choose over the other. Die cutting is a process in which a machine acts like a cookie cutter by cutting a piece of material into a specific shape. A die cutting machine has the ability to cut many identical parts in a short amount of time.

Because die cutting machines are able to produce the parts quickly, it reduces the risk of error, which makes production all the more efficient. The process of die cutting is generally less expensive than other methods since only one machine is needed to cut multiple materials. Die cutting also eliminates wasted products, which means lower cost of production.

As for water jets, they can cut just about any material, though the most popular are metals, particularly aluminum. Water jets can cut intricate shapes at a fast pace, much like die cutting machines. Water jets can also cut stone and glass (excluding diamonds and tempered glass), which can’t be done using traditional machining methods.

Of course, what’s important to keep in mind is quality and efficiency, and both machines have the ability to produce mass amounts of material in a short amount of time.

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