“We are the Matchmakers!”

What exactly is matchmaking? It’s the process of choosing the right supplier for the right customer. The difference between finding the source yourself and working with Stern Industries is that we have a long history in the business, so we know what to do and where to look.

The market is getting increasingly competitive, that’s why we make sure to balance your needs with efficient operations and superior service. Stern’s strong problem solving capabilities coupled with strategic partnerships throughout the industry allow our solution team to match you with the suppliers that will work best for you.  We’re able identify quality requirements, and locate the parts needed to fulfill your requirements. How do we do this? Typically, we take a blueprint for your part concept and determine how the part is going to be used. Our engineering partners find the most suitable plastics or rubber manufacturing process, and then determine which vendor can supply the best materials.  We even manage your inventory process by requesting quotes from multiple suppliers, and selecting the best options available. In order to keep the process quick and efficient, we issue the order to the supplier, and have the items drop shipped directly to you.

At Stern, our questions identify problems, generate solutions and reveal opportunities. Our sales reps are open to talk to you about the need for parts, and are open to discuss all of the available options. We are ultimately determined to provide you with the insight and direction you need to meet your operations and business goals.

Are you ready to let Stern Industries find the best suppliers for you? Click here to find out more!

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