We Got the (Plastic) Part!

Welcome to Stern Industries! We fill an interesting niche in the plastics and polymers manufacturing industry, so let’s introduce ourselves with a bit of history. Stern Industries began business in 1995 as a spin-off of Stern Rubber Company, a manufacturer of custom molded rubber parts who had been in business since the early 1970’s. Many of Stern Rubber’s customers expressed interest in having them source other types of polymer products, so they began acting as an intermediary between clients and a variety of plastic part manufacturers. This part of the business became so successful that a decision was made to create a separate entity named Stern Industries, and here we are. We began operating as a strategic sourcing partner for our customers’ plastic and rubber component needs.

At Stern Industries, we offer an innovative approach to part procurement. The concept is simple: show us your part, tell us your quantity, quality, and schedule requirements, and let us source it for you. Our engineering partners will determine the best material, identify the most suitable plastics or rubber manufacturing process of the many choices available today, and find the right vendor, which is a very demanding task in today’s global marketplace. We have established relationships with high quality manufacturers, both domestic and off-shore, that will meet your quality requirements while adhering to your supply chain mandates. We will even warehouse the parts and manage your inventory process. But that’s not all we do! We also maintain and manage a rotational molding and assembly facility (something we would love to tell you more about in the coming months!).

Can’t wait to find out more about what we do? Make sure to visit us again for monthly blog updates, and please visit our website at http://www.sternindustries.com/ to learn more about how our business can help your part procurement program.

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