What is Stern Companies Selling?

ServiceStern Companies is not here just to sell you a rubber or plastic part.  There are many sources that can develop and produce polymer components of any kind for you.  We are here to sell you our Service.  Stern Companies provides a service that not only helps you, but helps your company grow in the direction you need it to.  We can make your sourcing for the right part at the right price easier for you and your company.  We take the worry away from “how are we going to get this part produced”, we provide the convenience of us sourcing your product and delivering the part you’re needing.

Stern Companies manages a growing network of “Stern Certified Vendors”, both domestic and international, with capabilities in all plastic and rubber manufacturing processes.  We provide to our customers, the “service” of being the one vendor they can go to and rely on to provide the product they are looking for.  We work as a team here at Stern, we take pride in getting our customers questions answered as quickly as possible.  We know the power of good communications.

We are even able to go a step further and manage your current supply base while working with you to source new suppliers when needed.  Stern has years of experience in assisting customers with reducing their vendor base, creating benefits in:

  • Purchasing Costs
  • Quality and Performance
  • Agility
  • Relationship Management

And another, if not the most important service we offer, is our quality assurance.  With our quality assurance expertise and experience, we can save you possible down time and money by filtering out quality issues before you receive your product.

We take the time to carefully listen to our customers and understand their needs and wants.  We have the resources to solve any issues when it comes to sourcing and producing a polymer part.

Contact us today and learn what we can offer you!

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