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Stern Industries imports and manages custom products from offshore.  Asia provides a broad spectrum of manufacturing opportunities including rubber, plastic and other components.  Our supply base manufactures for the biggest names in consumer products and with modern equipment and manufacturing management practices in place, low cost no longer equates to low quality.  All you need in order to take advantage of Asian sourcing is to find the right partner to help manage them effectively.  That’s where Stern Companies comes in.

We work closely with our offshore suppliers to ensure we can supply our customers with high quality, reduced cost components and sub-assemblies.  We have a contracted connection in China to help facilitate all transactions.  Our warehouse, located in Baxter, MN allows us to bring in “bulk” items from offshore to help keep shipping costs low.

At Stern Companies, we take quality seriously.  We are ISO / ASQ Certified and meet SAE / ASTM Standards.  Stern has the capacity to handle your project, large or small.

To learn more about our offshore services you can contact us directly.

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